Global BioTherapeutics (GBT) is a biotechnology company that is developing a gene delivery platform that will revolutionize the field of gene therapy and may finally allow patients to realize the potential of gene therapy to treat genetic diseases and chronic illnesses. GBT has spent ten years addressing the fundamental question of how to achieve safe, long term gene expression. GBT’s technology delivers on the promise of stringent, safe and efficient delivery of gene therapies in order to treat, prevent or cure various inborn errors of metabolism and a multitude of chronic diseases. Thus, a vast array of (markets) pathologies that require bioactive molecules could be treated using GBT’s platform.

Our research team and advisory board have strong academic and industrial experience in gene therapy new drug development and early stage biotech company management allowing GBT to manage its research and development programs in a capital efficient way.

GBTs proprietary technology, unlike any other, obviates all of the major risks associated with gene therapy, yet delivers all of gene therapies foremost promises:
  1. No viremia
  2. No need for high quantities of vector dose
  3. No cytokine storm
  4. No liver inflammation
  5. No liver damage
  6. No un-desired distal organ vector presence
  7. Discrete control over vector administration
  8. Linear pharmacologic correlation between administered vector quantity and protein output
  9. Sustained transgene expression
No other gene therapy technology today is able to accomplish this.

Global Bio Therapeutics is interested in licensing and partnering opportunities.

Please contact:

Gustavo Cabrera
Chief Executive Officer